Science and Me


            How do you define science?  What do you think of when you think of the word “science’?


            Webster’s dictionary defines science as “systematized knowledge derived from observation and study.”  Or as a scientist friend says, “Science is about making models of reality and then testing them”.  Basically, science is a way of organizing knowledge about the natural world – the world we know through our five senses.


            What are your first memories of learning about science?  Observing frogs or flowers?  Collecting rocks or shells?  Observing stars, planets or comets in the sky?


             What are your memories of studying science in school?  First talk about elementary school, then secondary school, then any college or university studies in science that you have done.  Did you have positive or negative experiences in studying science?  Why?  How did your attitude towards science change as you grew older?


             What do you consider the most interesting subject or information you learned from the study of science?  What scientific knowledge do you make use of in your daily life?  or in a career?  or in a hobby?  How do you guard against the dangers of anecdotal evidence or improperly used statistics?


            What do you think are the most important scientific discoveries in the last one hundred years?  Why?


            Do you try to apply scientific principles to your life?  How?  Do you like to do experiments?  For example, in the area of cooking, some cooks like to experiment with different ingredients in food.  Or some people will try to discover what food they are allergic to by experimenting with their diet.


            Science can explore the natural world.  How do we learn about other kinds of worlds – the supernatural or spiritual world, for example?  Do you consider supernatural knowledge valid?   



            The Bible sees the natural world as a kind of sign that points to a real, spiritual world and creator of everything.  Here’s how one writer explains it:


            “The heavens tell about the glory of God.  The skies show that his hands created them.  Day after day they speak about it.  Night after night they make it known.  But they don’t speak or use words.  No sound is heard from them.  At the same time, their voice goes out into the whole earth.  Their words go out from one end of the world to the other.”  Psalm 19:1-4


            Consider how HUGE the universe is - billions of light-years in size, containing billions of stars.  Consider how HUGELY old the universe is - billions of years old.  What could this tell us about God?  What other natural knowledge tells us something about God?