I have a friend who always has her camera pointed at someone - usually at her only daughter.  Whether it’s a school concert or play, or sports event or holiday, my friend’s camera is out being used and snapping pictures.

         On the other hand, I like photographs, but I often forget to bring my camera along with me when there are good “photo opportunities” or “photo-ops”.

         What do you think?  Is it possible to have too many photos?  If you look at them once and then store them in a box, you may not see the value of having lots of photos.  On the other hand, if you arrange your photos in albums or in frames so that they get seen frequently, you may find photos very valuable.

         Do you like to take many photographs (in hopes of getting one good one) or just a few here and there?  Do you store your photographs so that people can enjoy looking at them?  Or do you just have boxes full of them somewhere in your closet?

         Do you prefer candid photos or posed photos?  Do you like to take pictures yourself or have someone else take them?

         How do you act when someone points a camera or video camera at you?  Do you turn into a “hambone” - and start acting silly or like a performer on stage?  Or do you hide when someone points a camera at you?

         Share any photos you brought with your conversation partners.  Tell them why you selected that photo and what it means to you.

         Photographs are great for keeping memories alive.  Why is it valuable to keep memories alive?  Do you agree that it is valuable or do you think that we can think about the past too much?

         Tell your partners about some photos in your house that are favorites.  Describe persons, places and why those photos are meaningful to you.



         There is an activity that Christians do, which reminds them of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.  We call this activity “Communion” .  Here are Jesus’ instructions about it:

         “Jesus took bread, and gave it to His students, saying, ‘This is My body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me.’”

In the same way also he took a cup of wine and shared it with them saying,

“This cup which is poured out for you is the new covenant in My blood.  Do this in remembrance of Me.”  Luke 22:19-20

          What are important things in your life, that you hope you will always remember?  How can you make certain that you will remember them?