“Music has charms to soothe the savage beast”  Or to put it more simply – music can make the wild person become peaceful.  Do you agree?


         How does music affect your mood?  Do you use music to change your mood at times?  For example, what music would you choose when  you are sad?  What music would you choose when you want to be inspired to work?  Do you like to hear music when you’re thinking or working?  If so, what kind of music?


         Have you ever been serenaded?  Has someone ever sung a song just for you?  Or have you serenaded someone?


         What kinds of music do you enjoy?  How did you learn to enjoy music?  Have you ever studied music or music history?  Do you play or sing?  What are some favorite songs?  Why do you like them?


         Do different generations choose different types of music in your native culture?  Explain.  Do parents and kids argue about music in your native culture?  Explain the different viewpoints of different generations in your native culture. 


         In what way has music most significantly affected your life?


         Do you listen to music on the radio, on CDs or tapes (or records), or do you attend concerts?  Tell about a musical event that you attended. 


         Do you like to perform music?  Do you play an instrument or sing?  Do you enjoy singing harmony?  Do you like karaoke?  What music do you hear or play at parties?


         Is it common for children to learn musical skills on instruments or in singing in your native country?  Describe what is typical.   If yes, do they learn in school or in after-school activities?




         Even though some people can’t sing a note, the Bible encourages us to  at least make a song in our hearts:


         “Don’t get drunk with wine . .  but be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord . .”  Ephesians 5:18-19


         One of the psalms of the Old Testament tells this:


         “Sing a new song to the Lord, sing praise to him in the community of his faithful people.  Let Israel be filled with joy because God is their Maker . .  Let them praise his name with dancing.  Let them make music to him with harps and tambourines.  The Lord takes delight in his people. . . Let them sing with joy even when they are lying in bed.”   Psalm 149:1-5