If you scan the Internet for the word “love” what do you get?  Using Yahoo, at the top of the list was “Personals” – how to find that perfect person for you, romance, relationships etc.  Let’s do an association game – on the back of this paper, in any language, write all the things, words, people, places, whatever that you associate with  “love”.  Take a few minutes to do this and then share your lists with each other.  If you still need a topic after that, read on!


            Is love a feeling, an action, an attitude, a decision or something else?  How would you define love?  Give examples of love from your own personal experience.


            What is it like to love?  Does it feel good all the time?  Does it sometimes feel bad or sad to love someone?  Give examples of love that makes you sad and love that makes you happy.


            Describe a very, loving person that you know.  Tell about their background.  How did they learn to love?  What do they do that shows they are loving?

            What do you think about crushes?  Is it love or something else?  If it’s not love, what is it?  What is the best response to a crush – when you have a crush on someone else and when someone else has a crush on you?  Give examples from your own experience, or from advice that you’ve received.


            What is your favorite love story that is about romance.


            What is your favorite love story that is NOT about romance.


            How do you teach someone to love?  Who were your teachers?  Were they parents, school teachers, friends, a boy or girl-friend or others?  How much of your idea about love was formed by things you’ve read or studied?  How much of your idea about love was formed from people that you’ve known?


             Who is the first person that deeply loved you?  Who is the first person that you deeply loved?









Here is a quote from a Christian in the 1st century AD – writing about love:


“We know what love is because Jesus Christ gave his life for us.  So we should give our loves for our brothers and sisters.  Suppose someone sees a brother or sister in need and is able to help them.  If he doesn’t take care of them, how can the love of God be in him?  Dear children, don’t just talk about love.  Put your love into action.”  1 John 3:16-18