Consider this family - the husband likes to look at houses - a fun weekend activity is to drive around and look at open houses (houses for sale that you can tour).  However, the wife doesn’t really like to do that very much.  When this couple bought their present house, the husband spent time looking at houses, picked one out and brought his wife to see it.  All she had to do was say “Ok.”

            Some people like to look at houses SO MUCH that they will buy a ticket  to tour very fancy houses at a “Street of Dreams’ event.  Do you dream about living in a fancy house?  Would you pay to tour fancy houses?

            How important is your dwelling to you? It could be a house, an apartment, a tent, a car, a boat, a railroad car or a cave.  (I have a friend who lived for 5 years in a school bus, and then another 5 years in a barn!)  Let’s think about what your dwelling means to you and also what kinds of dwellings there are in your native country or area.

            What is a usual number and type of rooms in a house or apartment in your native country?   Are there yards and gardens?  How large are houses usually in the country, or in the city?  Are apartments or houses more common?  Are windows and light important in a house?  How important is privacy?  (In the U.S., one style of home called Eichler Homes, did not have windows facing the street so that there was a lot of privacy.)

            What kind of places have you lived in throughout your life?  Did you move around a lot or grow up in one place?  Describe some homes you have lived in.

            What is important to you when you have a chance to choose a house or other dwelling?  Would you rent or own?  Will you inherit a house from your family?  Is it important to have room for lots of stuff and furniture?  Is beauty important?  Is ease of cleaning or functionality most important?  Do you want your house to be a good place to retreat and be by yourself or just with family?  Or do you want a place to have lots of friends visit and throw parties?




A house can be a metaphor (picture) for spiritual ideas.  Try to draw a picture to explain the following metaphor:


“You are a building that is built on leaders and teachers before you.  They are the foundation.  Christ Jesus Himself is the most important corner stone in the building.  The whole building is held together by him.  It rises to become a holy temple because it belongs to the Lord.”  Ephesians 2:19-22