Home is . . . .


            A young lost girl named Dorothy, in the movie “The Wizard of Oz”, found a way to go back to her home and family by repeating:  “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.”  It was a truth that Dorothy had forgotten.

            How do you feel at home - is it comfortable?  Are you accepted?  Is it your favorite place to be?  What do you like best about your home?  What do you like least about your home?  Describe your home and the most important  things about it, for you.  Compare your current home to a home as a child.  How are they different or the same?

            Sometimes we say “I feel at home here” and we’re talking about a friend’s house, a special place by the ocean or even a job where we are comfortable.  Do you have any “homes” that are NOT the place where you live?  For example, it could be an entire city, a job, a special group of people, someone else’s home or a favorite vacation spot.   Why do you feel “at home” there?


            What is it like to leave home?  Tell about that experience in your life.  How do you make a new home?  Give an example.    How many  “homes” can one person have at one time?  Why?  How many different homes have you had in your life?  Tell about one or more of them.

            There is a very large canary named Big Bird that is on a TV show for children called Sesame Street.  Big Bird says that “the more sad you are at saying good-bye to someone, it just shows how much you have loved each other.”  Have you had a sad good-bye to someone that you loved and who love you very much?

            We also have a saying in the U.S.   “Home is where the heart is.”  Where is your heart most at home, most comfortable?  Why?

            In your native country, are there any homeless people?  What is their life like?  Is there any way for their life to improve?

            Does your native country receive refugees from other countries?  What would it be like if you had to leave your own home because of war or famine?  If you could carry only a few things, what would you take with you?



What do you think of this statement?  Do you agree or disagree?  Explain your answer.  Do you have such a saying in your native culture?

“A prophet is not honored in his hometown.  He doesn’t receive any honor among his relatives.  And he doesn’t receive any in his own home.”  Mark 6:4