In the history of countries ruled by kings, heirs are very important.  Kings wish for sons, who can become king after them.  Can you give an example of modern day kings/queens and their heirs?  Are there kings in the history of your native country?  Give examples.

            Are you an heir to someone?  If you are one of many sisters and brothers, you may be an heir among many.  What is the usual way for parents to distribute their property when they die in your native culture?

            One friend is a Japanese man who is a “second” son.  He will not inherit his parents’ property.  However,  friends of the family adopted this man so that he would be their heir and inherit their house and possessions.  (His new parents were childless.)   My friend has promised to care for his adopted parents as they become old.

            What do you think of this kind of adoption?  Would it be unusual in your native country?

            My Caucasian friends have one natural child and two adopted Asian children.  Do you think it’s good or bad to adopt children from different races or countries?  Explain.  Would you consider adopting a child?  Does your culture treat adopted children and natural children the same?  Does your culture accept or value adoption as a good thing?

            Who are your heirs?  If you were to die, who would receive the things that you own?  How important is a will in your culture?  Do most people make wills?  Why or why not?  Do you have a will?  Why or why not?







In the following quote,  the writer talks about God adopting people into God’s family.  Do you think it is possible to become a child of God?  Would a child of God be an heir of God?  If so, what would they inherit from God, and when would they inherit?  Can you imagine calling God, “Daddy?”  Why or why not?


 “But then the right time came.  God sent his Son.  A woman gave birth to him.  He was born under the authority of the law.  He came to set free those who were under the law.  He wanted us to be adopted as children with all the rights children have.  Because you are his children, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts.  By his power we call God, “Daddy”, Father.”    Galatians 4:4-7