Children may graduate from pre-school and kindergarten, church or religious school, elementary school, junior high, high school, trade school or  college.  What is the usual season of the year for graduations in your native culture?


         Tell about a graduation of your own – describe the event, who attended, what were you wearing, who spoke and about what, and what were you feeling at the time.  If you have experienced more than one graduation, feel free to tell about more than one!  If you made a speech or performed at graduation, tell about that.  Do you have pictures?


         Tell about a  graduation that you attended for someone else.  Again, describe the event, what was significant to you, and what you were feeling at the time.


         Graduation from college  (commencement) usually features an outside speaker – a politician, sports figure, author or some interesting or famous person.  Please describe a commencement address (speech) that you really enjoyed or name a person that you would like to hear speak, and explain why.


         Suppose YOU are the speaker at graduation.  What would you like to tell high school graduates?  What would you like to tell college graduates?   Have you ever given a speech?  Describe it.  Do you like giving speeches?  What is your favorite topic to talk about?


         When you graduated from school, were you happy to be done with that school?  Or were you sad?  Why?  What is one of the most important things you learned in school?


         A Korean friend met a graduate from her university.  They had not known each other at school.  But when they learned that they had graduated from the same school, they were friends instantly.  They said, “graduates of our university are family.”  Compare this to your own experience meeting graduates from one of your own schools. 


         Do you still have friends from school that you keep in touch with?






The role of teacher is very important.  Here is some advice from a Christian teacher about teaching.  Do you agree with this perspective?  Why or why not?  Would you like to be a teacher?


“My brothers and sisters, most of you shouldn’t want to be teachers.  You know that those of us who teach will be held more accountable.”  James 3:1