Five Years From Now

         Sometimes, in our busy lives, we may forget to plan for the future.  Yet we often can or need to take action now to prepare for the future.  Talk with your conversation partners about both your wild and crazy dreams and your concrete plans for the future.  Think of these issues:

         What do I want to do five years from now?

                  where do I want to live?

                  who do I want to live with?

                  do I want to be married?  do I want to have children?

                  do I want to be in a career?  If so, what kind of career?

                  do I want to develop a hobby or skill?  If so, what kind?

         Who do I want to be five years from now?

                  are there changes I’d like to make in myself?

                  what kind of character do I want to have?

This next question may be hard to understand.  Ask yourself:

         Am I today the person I wanted to be five years ago?
         Am I doing today, the things I wanted to be doing five years ago?
         Why or why not?

The third area to talk about is - what will you do tomorrow that will move you toward your five year goals?  What kinds of obstacles might keep you from reaching your five year goals?

How often do you change your goals for the future?  Are you sometimes happy when you don’t meet your goals because your life turned in a different but interesting direction than you planned?  Give examples.



This quote is from Proverbs chapter 8, in the Old Testament of the Bible:

“Does not wisdom call,  and understanding lift up her voice?
“On top of the heights beside the way,
“Where the paths meet, she takes her stand,
“‘O naive ones, discern prudence, And O fools, discern wisdom . .

“‘Take my instruction, and not silver,
“‘And knowledge rather than choicest gold
“‘For wisdom is better than jewels
“‘And all desirable things can not compare with her”

What is wisdom?  Is it worth more to you, than a good job?