Faithful in Little, Faithful in Much


            We have a saying, “he who is faithful in little will be faithful in much.”

            Being faithful can mean  doing what you said you would do or taking care of something well.

            What kinds of things are you faithful in doing  that seem like small things?  Give examples from your job, your childhood, your family, your school or other place.

            Perhaps you are faithful in making your bed everyday or balancing your checkbook.  Perhaps you put out food in a bird feeder for wild birds or check to make sure all the doors are locked at your company where you work.  Maybe making dinner every day for 40 years or getting your homework done on time in class after class are things you are faithful in doing.  What kinds of little things are you faithful at doing and why do you do them?

            What kinds of thing are you faithful in doing now or in the past that seem like very big things?  It could be fulfilling a business contract, or a marriage vow.

            What is the most difficult thing to be faithful in? 

            Do you think that being faithful in small things prepares you to be faithful in something big?  If yes, how does it prepare you?  Do you see a connection like that in your own life?

            When you choose a friend, spouse, teacher, boss, subordinate - do you look at small things to see what people are like?  Can you predict  what the person will be like if a big responsibility or crisis (big trouble) comes along?  Why or why not?  Give examples.


Jesus makes this statement:

“Suppose you can be trusted with something small.  Then you can be trusted with a lot.  But suppose you are not honest with even little things.  Then you will not be honest with a lot.

Suppose you have not been worthy of trust in handling worldly wealth.  Then who will trust you with true riches?  Suppose you have not been worthy of trust in handling someone else’s property.  Then who will give you property of your own?”  Luke 16: 


What is worldly wealth and true riches? What is the trustworthy way to deal with our worldly wealth?