The word “destiny” has two meanings in the dictionary:  1) the seemingly inevitable succession of events or 2) your fate.   Destiny means something in the future “must” happen and “will happen” even if difficult.

         Sometimes depressed people believe that they are “fated” to be unhappy.  Some people use the term fate or destiny when something good or bad happens to them that they cannot see a specific reason or cause for.  Some people speak of a meeting a man or woman and believing that they are destined to get married.

         Have there been events in your life that were very significant to your future - meeting a certain person, getting a certain job, a certain conversation that changed your life?  Describe those.

         Do you believe that you have a destiny that you cannot change?    Give an example from yours or another’s life.

         Or do you believe there is no destiny at all - there are other explanations for what happens to people?  Give your explanation and examples of how it works?

           Do you believe that there is a force in the world that affects events in the world or in your life?  Explain what it is and give examples of how it works.

          Or do you believe that the things that happen in life simple by random chance?  Explain your reasoning and give examples that show this in action.






Several people are mentioned in the Bible as people with a future that God knows and can tell them.  Some examples:

         - a Persian king named Cyrus - Isaiah 44

         - a special person called Messiah - Isaiah 53

         - a young man named Jeremiah - Jeremiah 1:5

         - a man named Moses - Exodus 3:1-10


Ask a friend to tell you the story of one or more of these people.