Talk with your conversation partners about your experience and/or plans for a career.  A career is a profession or job that you train for and get experience in over several years.

1. Choice of Career - How did you choose a career?  Or have you made a choice?  What options did you consider?  What were important factors in your choice of career?  How important was the expected salary?  Did you ask other people for advice before you made a decision?

2. Change in Career - Have you ever changed careers or career training in your life?  If you are an immigrant, talk about the change in career when you moved from your native country to the U.S.  Is your career choice dependent on knowing a foreign language very well?

3. Career Traditions - Consider how careers change from generation to generation.  My mother had only two career choices in 1938 - nursing or teaching.  She chose nursing.  Today, my son & daughter have many kinds of career to choose from.  How are your choices different from your parent’s choices?

4. Work & Happiness - How important is work?  If you had plenty of money and never had to work, would you be happy?  Why or why not?  My grandfather worked until he was in his 80’s.  He didn’t want to retire.  Is it important to have work to do after you retire?  Why or why not? 

5. Career Parenting - Do you consider being a parent a kind of career?  Why or why not?  How about being a husband or wife?  Sometimes homemakers feel that their work is not respected.  Yet homemakers work very hard and do very important work – making a home, and raising children.  Do you think homemakers should be respected and appreciated more?  How could this happen?


 This quote is from a letter from a church leader written in the 1st century.  What do you think of his advice?

“You know how you should follow our example.  We worked when we were with you.  We didn’t eat anyone’s food without paying for it.  In fact, it was just the opposite.  We worked night and day.  We worked very hard so that we wouldn’t cause any expense to you.

“We worked even though we have the right to receive help from you.  We did it in order to be a model for you to follow.  Even when we were with you, we gave you a rule.  We said, “Anyone who will not work will not eat.”

“We hear that some people among you don’t want to work.  They aren’t really busy.  Instead, they are bothering others.  We belong to the Lord Jesus Christ.  So we strongly command people like that to settle down.  They have to earn the food they eat.”

2 Thessalonians 3:7-12