Here’s the topic you’ve been waiting for!  Tell us everything you remember about the day you were born.  What – you don’t remember it??  Well, tell us what you’ve been told by others about the day you were born.  Where did it happen?  Who was there?  What was it like?


         What are some important days in your life that you do remember?  Tell why these days are significant – what happened, when, where, who was involved, and why it happened.  How do you keep the memory of an important day alive?  Will you remember in another 10 years?  20 years?  50 years?


         Have you been involved in a birth experience as a mother or father, or a nurse or doctor?  Tell about the experience.  When you think about a birth experience, do you think more about pain or joy?  Why?


         After giving birth to a son and a daughter, my husband and I gave birth to something quite different.  We gave birth to a business.  Many times we felt as though the business was our third child – needing a lot of care and feeding, even in the middle of the night sometimes – just like a new baby.  Have you ever been involved in the birth of some venture like a business?  Or perhaps a very big school project, a writing project, planting a garden, building house or some other significant activity that had a moment of “birth”.    What were the steps leading up to ”the birth”?  How would define that moment when the business or other project was “born”?  How long did it take for the business or venture to “mature” into an “adult”?


         There are many legends and stories about unusual births, or about babies that have interesting adventures.  Please share a story from your native culture about an interesting birth.








         The Bible writers like to use the picture of a birth for spiritual meanings.  Here is an example:


         “Jesus replied, “No one can see God’s kingdom without being born again.”

         “How can I be born when I am old?” Nicodemus asked.  “I can’t go back inside my mother!  I can’t be born a second time!”

         “Jesus answered, “No one can enter God’s kingdom without being born through water and the Holy Spirit.  People give birth to people.  But the Spirit gives birth to spirit.”  John 3:3-7