Baby Pictures



         Have you seen baby pictures of yourself?  If so, what did you look like?  Do you look enough like yourself, that a friend could recognize your baby picture and say, “hey, that’s you!”  Or do you just look like any old baby?


         Did your family take a lot of pictures when you were a child?  Did they take more pictures of the first child and less of later children?  Do you have some favorite pictures of yourself as a child?  What are they?   Did your family take videos of family events?  If yes, give examples.


         Do you like to take pictures?  What do you do with pictures?  Do you create memory books or just stuff them in a box somewhere?  Do you ever go back and look at old pictures?  What do you think about when you look at pictures?  What memories come back to mind when you look at pictures?


         Do you frame family photos?  Do you decorate your house with pictures?  Do you ever get professional photographs taken?  How satisfied are you with professional photographs?


         What do you like to do to keep memories alive?  Perhaps it’s writing in a diary or journal, or writing letters, or drawing pictures or just planning events that create emotions and so create memories.  Do you treat pleasant memories and unpleasant memories differently?  What is the best way to deal with an unpleasant memory?


         Some cultures have traditions of remembering ugly things.  For example – some countries hate another country because they remember a terrible war or event from several hundred years ago.  Do you think this is a wise thing to do?  Why or why not?








Paul, in the Bible says, think about the good things:

 “Finally, my brothers and sisters, always think about what is true.  Think about what is noble, right and pure.  Think about what is lovely and worthy of respect.  If anything is excellent or worthy of praise, think about those kinds of things.”  Phil 4:8


And a song from the Old Testament says:

“Lord, I will remember what you did.  Yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.  I will spend time thinking about everything you have done.  I will consider all of your mighty acts.”  Psalm 77:11-12