Authority is defined as either1) the power to make decisions or 2) the person who makes decisions.†† I can have authority or be an authority.

In America we often think that young people challenge authority too often.Yet we want those in authority to be wise, flexible and fair.What is the right balance of authority?Is it right to challenge authority?If so, under what circumstances?

Can you give an example of when you challenged authority?†† Can you give an example of a time when you wanted to challenge an authority, but . . . didnít out of respect or some other reason?

If you are in authority, or if you were in one of the positions listed below - what is the right way to exercise authority?†† Is there a right way to challenge your authority?Or is there a way to exercise authority and give people room to be flexible or ask for changes?Give examples.


Some possible authorities to consider:


School principal

School teacher